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After Rossi took out Casey Stoner (Repsol Honda) at Jerez, igniting a simmering burn present since 2008 at Leguna Seca, between two of MotoGP's top racers, Stoner accused Rossi of, among a few other things, allowing his ambition to supersede the limits of his talent.

This week alone, Jorge Lorenzo accused Marco Simoncelli (San Carlo Honda Gresini) of dangerous riding, guilty of ultra close, last gasp passes. Super Sic, unperturbed, reminded Lorenzo that it wasn't him, but Lorenzo who was once banned for overly aggressive moves on the track.

Lorenzo then threw Hiroshi Aoyama (San Carlo Honda Gresini) and Andrea Dovizioso (Repsol Honda) under the bus, claiming they had complained about Simoncelli's hair, um, riding technique, as well. A charge upon which they demurred.

Colin Edwards (Monster Yamaha Tech III) agreed with Rossi that younger riders were "young, dumb, and full of vinegar."

Lorenzo, apparently unhappy that Rossi's attention has been focused on Stoner despite Lorenzo's attacks on Simoncelli, went for a somewhat more direct approach at the young-rider-insulting Rossi, pointedly stating that it is a shame to be beaten by kids every race.

Rossi, in the meantime, was unhappy over allegations that he behaved like the Italian mafioso in turns.

Taking his cue from the Lords of American NASCAR, Race Director, Paul Butler, after surveying the carnage, chaos, and ensuing acrimony, declared that racing is a contact sport.

Rossi was presumably not surprised when the small kitten, Lorenzo, disagreed.

And now, since the riders are lining up with their rides, may I present the Race at Le Mans, as it happens live (on my computer screen):

Seriously? Slash? Guns & Roses Slash is a MotoGP fan? I never would have guessed it, but there he is, wandering the grid as riders mount their bikes and ready for the warm-up lap.

Maybe he took a wrong turn looking for his drug dealer? Or he's stalking a paddock girl? Inexplicably, the British announcers are declaring him an honorary Englishman. Um, yeah. You all can have him.

Super Sic has the best hair in MotoGP. Right up until the time he pulls on his helmet. Then it just looks as if like squirrel tried to crawl under his helmet and was electrocuted when only halfway in.

I can't decide whether or not the 'fro has played a part in his inability to keep the motorcycle tire-side down on race day.

Dani Pedrosa is tiny. He resembles an Ewok on a landspeeder when sitting on his Repsol Honda.

Lorenzo might get further with his off-track threats if he didn't always have the look of a seven-year old kid who has taken all his toys and gone home because his imaginary friends won't play by his rules.

Oooo, Cal Crutchlow (Monster Yamaha Tech III) is rather good looking! But not as good looking as Nicky Hayden (Ducati).

By the way, this is further proof that motorcycles can be "he's" as well as "she's". Because, if Nicky's bike was of the female persuasion, it would have rolled over in total submission for him. Whereas, the GP11 Desmosedici has done everything to knock him off except lose a wheel.

(What? You have to expect some of this when you allow a girl to comment on motorcycle racing.)

Have to love Rossi's sense of humor. Not many racers would refer to themselves and their motorcycle as an old lady with a shopping cart.

Lorenzo has no sense of humor. Rossi should hope that Ducati does.

88,400 in attendance. Americans really need to give MotoGP a chance. We have no idea what we are missing!

The Rossi section of the crowd may be larger than the Ducati section. Rossi fans may outnumber the remaining attendees.

I hope Alvero Bautista (Rizla Suzuki MotoGP) has a good race. He is Suzuki's only rider and is only one race returned from a six week hiatus after breaking his femur.

And that was his femur. Only the largest bone in the human body. And yes, you read correctly. He was back after six weeks. Not six months. Do you know what kind of force it takes to snap a femur? 255-pounds of pressure.

France has an air force? And its planes can leave the ground?

Wow! Loris Capirossi's gloves look straight out of a Voltron cartoon. If they were Stoner's I'd be concerned about hidden Rossi-seeking missiles in the mounds covering the knuckles and backs of the hands.

Then again, I'd have a lot more than a leather suit covering my extremities and vital organs if I were perched up on a rocket with two wheels. Preparing to exceed 200mph on it. While dodging other two-wheeled rockets. While trying to stay on a thin strip of pavement.

Four Hondas in the first four starting grid positions. Am having sudden overwhelming desire to buy a Honda.

Stoner's bike won't start. Race marshalls are converging to help. In the same numbers that helped push Rossi's bike back on the track while ignoring Stoner and his DOA Repsol after the controversial knock-out at Jerez.

I wonder how many Stoner can quash should his bike mysteriously jump to life?

And they're off like a dress on prom night!

Gyroscopic camera on Stoner's bike is making me dizzy. Must keep my head sideways while he pushes through turns to keep from losing my breakfast...

Lorenzo just passed Super Sic. Everyone insists that the Yamaha cannot keep up with the Hondas; Lorenzo insists on finding the podium anyway. Man is a machine. He just does not make a mistake. Winning through attrition?

Rossi - CHARGE!!!!

Stoner's Repsol Honda appears to be trying to mount Pedrosa's backside. The Aussie does not deal well with following a slower rider.

The machine made a mistake: Lorenzo went wide!!!

Randy de Puniet (Pramac Racing) is out.

Stoner takes the lead! He doesn't ride the Honda, he swings his body completely off the saddle and physically hauls it around the track. Not pretty, but his control over the motorcycle is beautiful. I miss watching him on the Desmosedici.

NOOOOOO!!!! Lorenzo is third, passing Simoncelli...

And Super Sic returns the favor.

Stoner just crushed Rossi's circuit record from 2008. Yeah. That will go a long way toward thawing that relationship. Sure.

23 laps to go and.... Crutchlow crashed.

Pedrosa is sitting on Stoner's rear. Is he pulling another Estoril or can he just not find the speed to make the pass?

Davizioso passes Lorenzo and takes the 4th spot. Sweet!

Commentators are praising Elias for a well run race after such a difficult start to the season. Elias crashes.

Edwards just dropped from 7th to 15th. Ben Spies (Yamaha Factory) and Hayden are battling each other in a race for mediocrity. Maybe there is a reason after all why Americans ignore MotoGP?

Edwards is in the pit to shake gravel out of his ride and replace a left foot peg. Apparently he forgot to pick it up off the ground in the run-off by the chicane. Oops.

Churn. As in churning out laps. Great description of Lorenzo's riding style by the commentators. About as exciting to watch as churning, too.

Stoner has 2.2-seconds on the second spot with 14 laps to go. Entering Management Mode.

Go Rossi! Still stalking Lorenzo and Davizioso.

Stoner now leads Pedrosa by 3.77 seconds with 11 laps to go. So much for Management Mode.

Wait, wait, Super Sic making a move on Pedrosa. Maybe? Really late to cut into the turn... Way late braking... No room for Pedrosa... Bike skipping....

Pedrosa is down!

Simoncelli is off the track!

Simoncelli back on the track. Pedrosa most definitely not back on the track. Super Sic may have taken more than he was supposed to from Butler's Racing is a Contact Sport decree.

Pedrosa is pointing to his right collarbone. Arm hanging. Broken. Weeks after the plates were removed from the left-side collarbone.

Commentators' analysis: He doesn't bounce, he breaks. A tough brake, quite literally, for sure.

New battle for third between Lorenzo and Rossi - let the good times roll!!!

Nine-laps to go and Stoner is 8-seconds ahead of the second spot. Redefining Management Mode?

The Simoncelli-Pedrosa replays are damning. Repsol is calling race officials to complain.

Edwards is back out on the track and in the 14th spot.

Ride-Thru penalty for Simoncelli by reason of Illegal Maneuver. Only five laps to go. He finally keeps the bike up-right and he still won't see the podium. Top speed in the pit during a ride-thru is 60km. You will have to do it twice if you are clocked speeding. Just ask Rossi.

Commentators praise Capirossi for a well run race. Capirossi crashes.

Rossi passes Lorenzo - love it!!! Davizioso passes Lorenzo!!! So sad, too bad.

Casey Stoner may be thinking he can lap the field.

He went wide!?! A second mistake from Lorenzo!?! Sign of the apocalypse! Have the horsemen switched to MotoGP race bikes?

Super Sic isn't out yet. Riding up hard behind Hayden and Spies, who are still fighting over the sixth/seventh spot.

Davizioso takes the second spot. The crowd is silent.

Hayden gives it up to Simoncelli. Maybe he figures the crazed Italian has a better chance of making up the 1.5 seconds on Spies the last two laps than he does?

Maybe he simply want to keep his collarbone and motorcycle intact?

On the back-straight, two Italians, a Honda and a Ducati: Rossi and Davizioso.

Stoner is halfway though his victory lap, doing wheelies, no one is watching.

Davizioso takes second. Rossi screams into third.

Super Sic passes Spies, salvages 5th place after the ride-thru. This is guaranteed to make Pedrosa and his collarbone feel much better about the DNF handed to them earlier courtesy of Simoncelli's illegal maneuver.

Rossi is standing on his bike and bowing. The crowd goes insane.

Stoner is now pushing his bike around for his third victory lap. He ran out of fuel waiting for the rest of the field to cross the finish line. Marshalls run out to assist and are vaporized with a single Aussie glare. Somewhere, Matt Mladin attempts a smile.

Stone, Davizioso, and Rossi are on the podium. Rossi is bounding around like a puppy.

Stoner looks as if he is half expecting the French to wheel out a guillotine instead of a trophy after an earlier on-track altercation with French rider, de Puniet. Stoner punched de Puniet for reasons yet to be determined other than de Puniet's audacity to share track time with Stoner.

Stoner and Rossi ignore each other.

Just another day of racing, As the Track Turns.