5 Motorcycle Racing Has Ever Lied MotoGP Champion Valentino Rossi

This bike is a vehicle that is used first when appearing in the 125 cc MotoGP class in 1996. But at that time Rossi finishing ninth final standings. after one year later with the same mounts Rossi was champion.

Aprilia RS 125 (125cc)

After winning the MotoGP 125 cc, after one year later-born riders Urbino, February 16, 1979 this up to 250 cc class. Such as the 125 cc class, after his first year is only be runner-up, Rossi was is riding an Aprilia RS 250, with the Nastro Azzurro Aprilia Racing Granprix only be champions in the second, 1999.

Aprilia RS 250 (250 cc)

Before set MotoGP (above 800 cc class) as the most the prestigious class, 500 cc class is the dream of riders. No exception "The Doctor" Rossi was. Two previous history of failure in the first year, Rossi had to be the best in the 500 cc class in the second (2001). From 16 Rossi was series to collect 355 points to ensure the champion title.

Honda NSR 500 (500 cc)

After the race regulations no longer use the 500 cc class, use the the most prestigious title in the 2002 MotoGP identity. Rossi was in the team Honda RC211V HRC use the variants. Together with V engine four-step, Rossi was came out as a champion and can maintain it in the next year.

Honda RC211V (990 cc)

Rossi was made ​​a controversial decision. Although the success of two seasons with Honda winning two early season MotoGP, The Doctor decided to move to the Yamaha factory. Maximum achievement in the show it by winning his first MotoGP with Yamaha. Together with the team and riding the Gauloises Fortuna Yamaha YZR M1, the owner of number 46 was champion with 304 points from 16 series.

Yamaha YZR M1 (800 cc)

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