Jorge Lorenzo look fantastic to win eighth series of MotoGP 2011

Mugello, - Jorge Lorenzo look fantastic on the Mugello Circuit, Italy, on Sunday (03.07.11). In the eighth series of MotoGP 2011, the Yamaha rider bulldoze Repsol Honda duo, Andrea Dovizioso and Casey Stoner, who had to settle for finishing behind him. Meanwhile, teammate Lorenzo, Ben Spies, shifting Marco Simoncelli of the four positions just before touching the finish line.

Jorge Lorenzo look fantastic to win eighth series of MotoGP 2011
With this result, Lorenzo was managed to reply to his disappointment at the Dutch Grand Prix last week, and he could cut the distance to Stoner in the standings. Now, the 2010 world champion collected a total of 133 points, behind 19 points from Stoner, who is still firmly on top.
The results are also shown quite encouraging host hero, Valentino Rossi, who gush Ducati Desmosedici GP11.1. "The Doctor", the seven consecutive seasons from 2002-2008 at Mugello, managed to finish sixth despite starting from 12th position. The success of this little get a warm welcome from about 83,000 fanatical supporters who witnessed first-hand from the circuit.
The road race
When the five red lights mark the race began, Stoner immediately skyrocketed. Lorenzo, who started from fifth was immediately thrust into second place, ahead of teammate Spies. The Yamaha duo outperformed teammate Stoner, Dovizioso.
Just one lap left, the Ducati rider Nicky Hayden has left the tracks. Luckily, teammate Rossi is not falling and the only "tergelinciri" in the gravel, so that he could return to the track to continue the race. Meanwhile, Stoner has recorded the fastest lap so away from the pursuit of Lorenzo and winning more than one second.
Simoncelli, who do less good start, slowly began to lunge forward. Entering the third lap, the spiky Italian could shift the Spies from the top four and he began to threaten Dovizioso. Similarly Rossi, who managed to climb two strips into the top 10.
Four laps went by, there was no drama happening on the Mugello track. But Dovizioso had made camp Yamaha panic, when in a straight line, he almost passed Lorenzo, who was too slow braking. Meanwhile at the front, Stoner continues to make the distance with Lorenzo and already 1.8 seconds ahead. This condition makes the competition for champions to be less exciting because there is Stoner's no opponent. Nevertheless, Lorenzo-Dovizioso competition continues to heat up and the peak occurred on the seventh lap, the Italian rider Lorenzo managed to overtake.
The most exciting fight actually occurred in the rear to fight over six positions. Rossi, Hector Barbera, Colin Edwards, Dani Pedrosa and Alvaro Bautista involved tight battle that occurred salip-overtaking action. On lap 10, Rossi made it through Barbera to be on the order of six. The Rossi supporters who packed a direct circuit standing ovation, to celebrate the small successes of their local hero, who indeed throughout the 2011 season was very difficult. However, it is difficult for Rossi to improve his position because he was far behind the group in front of him.
Back to the front, Lorenzo was back in the order of two when successfully pass Dovizioso on lap 11. But the fight is only happening between two drivers is because Stoner was too far ahead, while Simoncelli little way behind and gets a serious threat from Spies. Sure enough, on lap 14, the position of Spies Simoncelli coup.
Lorenzo is fantastic
Lorenzo hard effort, which menggeber bike to the maximum, began to uncover the hope to fight for the championship. Because, on lap 16 the two could cut the gap which was originally almost 2 seconds, down to just 0.3 seconds. Fantastic! Just one lap later Lorenzo managed to overtake Stoner when cornering to the left. The Spaniard was taken directly from the inside and is at the forefront.
Entering the 18th lap, Lorenzo managed to make the gap more than 0.6 seconds. A very favorable conditions for the former double world champion 250cc class, in order to cut the difference in points with Stoner in the standings. Moreover, he continues to leave its rival those from Australia. Meanwhile, at number four, Simoncelli again improve his position after he overtook Spies.
On lap 23 which is the last lap, when Lorenzo was comfortable in the forefront, actually happened tight battle between fellow Honda rider, Stoner, Dovizioso. Although they are on one team, but Dovizioso did not want to be embarrassed in their own home, so he keeps pushing his bike to overtake Stoner. Apparently his hard work is successful, so he's entitled to number two on the podium.
Meanwhile in the fourth, Simoncelli had to swallow disappointment when it will reach the finish line. The reason, Spies, who scored the first victory in the arena of MotoGP win the Dutch Grand Prix, managed to pass him just before they passed the finish flag. While Rossi remains at number six after beating Barbera, Pedrosa, Edwards and Hayden, who successively behind.